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Eudist priest, writer.

Reverend father Saturnin Anani LAWSON, ex-superior of the formation house of Eudist Fathers in Africa, is a Spiritual Guide, because of his passion as a writer.

« After seven (7) years of training, I can say that I learned a lot and I do not finish learning. I can say that I am happy to have helped my fellow graduates to always succeed for the Bachelor of Theology. In this connection, I can say that the vice province has won a bet. I am happy to have a lot of ex students I learned to collaborate with the confreres by trusting them. Very happy to have also collaborated with the Associates, Friends and Collaborators of the Eudists, the faithful who come to our offices and celebrations, and happy to help the Eudist Youth movement to see the light of day. I had to offend more than one. I am making amends », Saturnin Anani LAWSON.
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  • It must be remembered that Reverend SATURNIN ANANI LAWSON was previously: - Rector of theology Saint Jean Eudes of Yopougon (Ivory Coast) and superior of Community; - Assistant to the Superior of the Formation House of St. John Eudes of Abatta (Ivory Coast); - Vicar, assistant to the superior of community then parish priest at Saint Joseph parish of Kusuntu (Kpalimé-Togo); - Vicar at the Notre Dame de Miséricorde Cathedral in Cotonou (Benin).

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